Polytechnique is presently      engaged in the manufacture of      high quality, rigid plastic      packaging...+more 

6039 Palma Street, Makati City 1210, Philippines
     Techno Molds, Inc is divided into      two divisions. TMI Plastic Molds      Division is +more

8526-1 Juanita de Leon Street
San Dionisio, Sucat
Parañaque City, Philippines

The BYC Group of Companies was built on the dreams and pioneering hard work of its founder, Mr. Ching Bing Yong. It is comprised of Polytechnique Mfg., Inc. and Techno Molds, Inc.
We believe our primary responsibility is to provide high quality rigid plastic packaging to our customers. We aim to upgrade the quality of packaging in our industry and instill the culture of quality consciousness to all users.

We believe in investing in the latest technology and enhancing human training in order to consistently maintain as well as upgrade the premium quality of our products.

We are responsible to our customers. In addition to quality, we have the obligation to satisfy their needs by servicing them accurately and delivering their demands promptly. In so doing, we provide value for money in meeting the needs of our customers. We are responsible to our employees. We aim to provide every employee the opportunity to grow with the company.

Armed with the company resources, the required quality management and competent manpower, we aim to become our customers' supplier of choice.

With its own fabrication facility and without having to depend on third party fabricators thus obviating delays, BYC has been able to promptly meet the demands of its customers and at the same time, ensure a consistent quality not only in the various machineries and equipment of both plants but as well as in the finished products themselves.

This vertical integration of the different facets of production has enabled the BYC Group to stay ahead of competition and maintain its reputation as a preferred manufacturer and supplier of rigid plastic packaging products.

Under the leadership of Mr. Ching Bing Yong, Polytechnique is proud to have been a recipient of several awards, namely:

  • In 1996, Polytechnique was awarded the Supplier of the Year from the House of Sara Lee.

  • In 1997, Johnson & Johnson graced the same award of Supplier of the Year to Polytechnique.

  • In addition, Polytechnique has been a 7-time recipient of Avon 's much coveted "Vendor of the Year Award" within the period from 1984 - 1997.

  • Apart from the Vendor of the Year awards, Polytechnique also received several special commendations and citations from other valued clients.

Our clients demand the highest quality standards for the unique packaging designs as well as the most exacting technical and follow-on service. Achieving the level of performance required to receive this award is therefore a major accomplishment. To receive a coveted award repeatedly is truly an amazing feat which is a humbling testimony to its commitment to quality and yet an incentive for Polytechnique to strive for excellence.

BYC Group does not sit on its laurels. At present, it continues to invest in equipment and technology as well as provide further training for its personnel. This is manifested by the continuing research on the latest technology here and attending industry seminars here and abroad. It also does not hesitate to share its knowledge with other companies and students.

Over the course of several years, Mr. Ching Bing Yong has been invited as a guest lecturer sharing his expertise with university students at notable universities as well as a regular resource speaker before the seminars sponsored by the Packaging Institute of the Philippines.

Under the guiding hand of Mr. Ching Bing Yong and ably assisted by a technically competent staff, BYC Group of Companies continues to maintain its tradition of excellence, its commitment to quality and its zealousness to improve production. And having grown with these principles, the BYC Group is confident it will continue to succeed in its avowed endeavour especially in this era of globalization. It can do no less.

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